Identity Match Score Examples

Identity Match Score Examples

This section describes examples of how match scores would be calculated in different scenarios at Twilio.


Logic examples not valid in all markets.

In many countries across the world, Twilio can use its fuzzy match logic and degrees of freedom logic to calculate a range of scores from 0-10 listed in the table below. However, in some countries this is not available, so Twilio will only return a 0 or 10 binary score. Please check with your Customer Success Manager for details on the geographies in which you are interested.

RuleAttributeSupplied DataTwilio DataMatch Score
Exact first nameFirst NameRobertRobert10
MisspellingFirst NameRobereRobert9
Common NicknameFirst NameBobRobert5
Contains NameFirst NameRobRobert Floyd5
First initial when last name is sameFirst NameR
Last Name: Johnson
Last Name: Johnson
Contains multiple wordsFirst NameRobertRobert Floyd9
First name and last name swappedFirst NameFirst Name: Johnson
Last Name: Robert
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Johnson
Different first nameFirst NameStephenRobert0
Same last nameLast NameJohnsonJohnson10
Misspelling last nameLast NameJohnsnJohnson9
Contains multiple wordsLast NameJohnsonSmith Johnson9
First name and last name swappedLast NameFirst Name: Johnson
Last Name: Robert
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Johnson
Different last nameLast NameJohnsonSmith0
Same street addressStreet Address565 Downtown Ave Suite 202565 Downtown Ave Suite 20210
Missing street address line 2Street Address565 Downtown Ave565 Downtown Ave Suite 2029
Misspelling addressStreet Address565 Donwtown Ave565 Downtown Ave Suite 2029
Missing street numberStreet AddressDowntown Ave565 Downtown Ave Suite 2025
Numbers matchStreet Address565 Main Street Apt 202565 Downtown Ave Suite 2025
Different street addressStreet Address123 Main Street565 Downtown Ave Suite 2020
Same CityCitySan JoseSan Jose10
Different CityCityLos AngelesSan Jose0
Same StateStateCACA10
State abbreviationStateCaliforniaCA10
Different StateStateNYCA0
Same ZIP/Postal CodeZIP/Postal Code902109021010
Different ZIP/Postal CodeZIP/Postal Code90210940860