Twilio offers a range of APIs for you incorporate into your customer journeys to improve customer experience, reduce friction and improve security. Please read the product descriptions below to get started and find out what interests you the most.

Twilio offers the industry’s only truly global, privacy-by-design APIs that still provide deterministic signals of potentially fraudulent activities. Why is this so important? Because we’re saving you engineering resources. You’ll never have to update your integration due to changes in regulation around data privacy, which varies from country to country. You won’t have to create different logic for outputs in different countries. And you’ll be able to maintain better compliance with your data privacy officers.

Twilio Silent Network Auth will protect you against account takeovers (ATOs) that target your customer’s phone number by streamlining your methods for verifying mobile number possession. Instead of sending one-time passcodes (OTPs) that can be stolen or forcing users to implement complicated app-based solutions, Twilio Silent Network Auth will verify mobile number possession directly on the device by using its built-in connectivity to the mobile operators’ wireless network.


Twilio Identity Match will allow you to prevent bots or people from signing up to your service with synthetic or stolen information. Twilio Identity Match will verify a user’s name, address, and most importantly – phone number. The data passed to us will be validated by a carrier or authoritative source for accuracy. This enables a 2-factor ID verification process that is both simple and instantaneous.

Twilio Identity Match offers a low cost, preliminary measure for screening out dubious customer accounts.


What’s Next

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